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End of life CIS parts notice

Last orders for one of the power supply units used in some LED displays must be placed by December 21.


Infotec has been notified that the Power Supply Unit - SP150-5 (Infotec part L05-0021) is to be discontinued by the manufacturer, Meanwell.  

This unit has been used extensively and has given good service in a range of Infotec displays supplied since 2003.

Specifically, the products affected are LED displays, with part numbers starting P1nnn or FM/QFM.

TFT products are unaffected.

It is important to note that there is no direct - mechanically and electrically - compatible drop-in replacement for this PSU.

Current Infotec FM/QFM LED displays are now being redesigned to accommodate an alternative power supply.

Manufacture of the Meanwell PSU is expected to continue for a few months yet and as Infotec has been recognised as a volume purchaser, we have been requested to advise - in good time - the total number of units required before production finally ceases. This is expected to be towards the second quarter of 2019.

If equipment under your control contains these PSUs, serious consideration should be given to ensuring you have spares stock available to support the life of the display assets concerned.

Your last orders for PSU spares must be placed with Infotec by 21st December 2018.

Infotec will retain a limited stock of PSUs, but their release will be strictly prioritised for use in selected, live warranty failure situations.

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