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New systems attract attention

Visitors to our stand at Railtex 2019 had the chance to see the latest systems available, developed by Infotec to provide solutions to passenger management and customer satisfaction needs.


We were delighted to welcome existing customers as well as potential new ones and to talk about the innovative passenger information systems being showcased on our stand at Railtex 2019.

Visitors had the chance to see the latest systems available, developed by Infotec to provide solutions to passenger management and customer satisfaction needs.

Considerable interest was shown in the completely new, eye-catching full-colour LED system, which when used with Infotec’s Javelin software, both in the cloud and on the client display, will deliver unique presentations, including colourful graphics and video content alongside train operating details.

Also attracting a lot of attention was the staff information system which also featured on our stand.

This was developed to help South Western Railway (SWR) meet its aim of keeping customers fully informed. To achieve this, SWR recognised it needed to make sure its station staff had more accurate and timely information about train movements.

Detailed train movement information

SWR approached Infotec to see if it could provide local detailed train movement information on a series of displays around Waterloo station. Infotec was able to offer a solution using its Javelin-DMS system, and a series of standard TFT displays which it manufactures.

Javelin-DMS, Infotec’s unique Display Management System, pulls, gathers and filters train movement data, from Network Rail’s Train Describer Systems, making it suitable to send it to the 10 Infotec TFT displays that are installed at Waterloo, situated on the platforms behind the barrier line. A working example of the system was running on the Railtex stand.

Other technologies and products on the stand for visitors to explore included on-vehicle systems and the most up-to-date TFT displays.

If you would like further information about these or any of our other solution-focused systems, please get in touch.

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New EMC Facility at Infotec

On-going investment by passenger information specialist Infotec into in-house manufacturing capabilities has seen the installation of a Fully Anechoic Chamber (FAC), allowing the market-leading company to test its own equipment to internationally accepted noise criteria.

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Twickenham first to get Infotec cut TFT

Twickenham railway station in West London is the first UK station to have one of Infotec’ s cut TFT displays installed. 

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Open architecture for passenger information displays

An increasing number of clients are benefiting from the “open” approach to electronic information displays provided by Infotec Ltd.

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Conformal Coating Investment

Investment in equipment and training has been made by customer information display specialist Infotec to enable it to produce coated printed circuit boards (PCBs) for use in its new range of on-vehicle displays.

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On-vehicle displays for North America

Shipment is underway of an order placed with Infotec Ltd. by Trak Com Wireless Inc. for on-vehicle displays to be used on the recently opened light rail system serving JFK Airport in New York, USA.