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Innovative shelter displays for Northern

New-look displays that deliver train running information, summary details and show the time in two formats are going into operation at Northern stations.

Innovative shelter displays for Northern

The first of dozens of innovative TFT rail passenger information displays designed and manufactured by Infotec for installation in shelters at Northern stations are now in use.

The 38” screens deliver train running information, summary details and show the time in two formats. The design has been further enhanced by the fact that additional content such as special notices can be added if required.

Matt Clarke, Control Communications Manager for Northern, explains the brief he presented to Infotec: “I wanted a display that combined summary with next train running information. Something that was using existing display technology but was colourful.

“Items like two versions of the clock just worked for me, it’s aesthetically pleasing and the fact that we could add other items like the rainbow boards for Northern services across the network and special notices that don’t interfere with train running information is a real bonus.

“I am very pleased and proud of the results.”

Infotec Managing Director Tim Court says: “We are delighted that everyone is happy with the displays. The design is proof of our ability to respond to customer needs, to be flexible and to deliver innovative solutions.”

In addition to the displays themselves, Infotec has designed and engineered the black lightweight aluminium casings in which they are being mounted in Macemain shelters.

Stations at which they are being installed have been selected as they have not previously had train running information available to passengers. The locations include Ansdell & Fairhaven, Chinley, Hapton, Moss Side and Parton. The first to be installed, at Cattal in North Yorkshire, is now in operation.

Approximately 50 of the new BS38Ps will be deployed across the Northern franchise, with doubled-sided LED displays also being provided by Infotec for several larger Northern stations.

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