Infotec passenger information displays

Award-winning passenger information displays

Products Introduction

Award-winning Passenger Information Displays

Infotec offers a range of full matrix LED and TFT displays all driven by Tetrus. Regardless of the technology, the approach is the same. Tetrus treats an LED display as if it were a low resolution TFT and drives it in the same way. Less complexity; more functionality.


F Series: Full-matrix LED Displays – both colour (FC) and monochrome (FM) options

T Series: High Definition TFT Displays – Ruggedised (TR) and semi-ruggedised (TS)

V Series: On-vehicle displays – LED (VC) and TFT (VCT)

Regardless of the technology, the approach is the same for both TFT and LED

Professional displays need to be:

  • Clear & Legible
  • Tough & robust for long term availability
  • Capable of 24/7 operation
  • Reliable and easy to maintain
  • Able to show true real-time data
  • Tested, certified and fit for purpose

Infotec’s tsPlayer software, which runs on Tetrus, is equally display agnostic; treating LED and TFT in the same way.

One solution – Infinite possibilities

These include Rail, Bus, Tram and Metro sectors. Infotec is also expanding into new markets that include solutions for airports and on‑vehicle applications.

Infotec displays are at the forefront of passenger information throughout the key transport sectors in both the UK and abroad