Infotec passenger information displays

Award-winning passenger information displays

Tetrus Controller

Tetrus drives both TFT and LED displays using a common architecture and software – for both on-station and on-vehicle applications

Infotec has invested heavily in its very latest Tetrus controller to drive a modernised display range. The dedicated controller has taken 5 years to develop and is at the heart of almost everything Infotec produces. The new design incorporates the latest in software and graphical interfaces to meet the ever increasing demands of the information age.


Professionally built for the job

Unlike other approaches, Tetrus is a dedicated display controller built specifically for the task of efficiently and effectively delivering passenger information to the travelling public. Tetrus needs no keyboard, no mouse, no upgrades, no security packages, no additional graphics cards, no additional memory, no fans and no licences – it is built for the job.

Common Platform

By creating a common platform and open architecture, Tetrus strengthens and widens the product reach across multiple industry sectors where electronic displays are required. It continues in the tradition of and commitment to innovation, bringing an increased richness of function to Infotec displays whilst maintaining the core values of reliability, resilience and cost-effectiveness.

Tetrus is a powerful purpose-built controller; with no unnecessary parts or third-party software to detract from the task of displaying passenger information

Excellent graphical / audio presentation

For the travelling public, the power of Tetrus enhances our display capabilities, allowing high definition video and graphics to be presented with beautifully smooth transitions and scrolling as standard. Beyond the pixel perfect visual presentation, Tetrus can also process and broadcast high definition audio and a high quality Text-To-Speech (TTS) feature is optional.

Self-healing Technology

For the asset owners and maintainers 24/7 operation is essential. To help achieve this, Infotec has developed self-healing technology which its Tetrus controller employs to minimise any potential downtime. It can detect and recover itself from many of the issues experienced by passenger information displays including managing the ‘Instant Power-Off’ scenario by quickly rebooting as soon as power is restored:

  • Tetrus monitors its operation and takes necessary action if failures are detected
  • Low level hardware watchdogs incorporated in all subsystems
  • tsPlayer monitors the software operation and will takes action if failures detected
  • Fast boot and hardware power-down during system resets
  • Full interface and power-supply control over connected hardware, TFT panels, communications modules, system stirrer-fans etc.
  • Instant power-off file system – No shutdown procedure required

I am impressed with the video performance, the transitions are fantastic”. Marco Azabache - CSiT Systems, Canada.

Key Features

  • One controller to drive both LED and TFT
  • Fast Booting and power-fail tolerant
  • Fanless, low power consumption
  • High definition multimedia control
  • Audio and text to speech capabilities
  • Resilient self-healing technology
  • Long term obsolescence control
  • 10 year design life
  • High availability / reliability