Infotec passenger information displays

Award-winning passenger information displays


tsPlayer is Infotec's dedicated software package designed to meet a variety customer applications

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To support the Tetrus controller, Infotec has developed the dedicated tsPlayer software specifically for passenger information displays. By separating the data from the script, we can ensure the presentation of the data is in a consistent manner. The software allows customers to easily programme their own displays using LUA scripting whilst providing the travelling public with beautifully realised graphics with buttery smooth transitional effects.



  • LUA programming language for script creation
  • Optimised graphics - OpenGL
  • Seamless mixed media integration – RTI and other content (see below).
  • Open protocols
  • Low level I/O and hardware control


  • Can be programmed by the customer or by Infotec
  • Scripts can be created in days rather than weeks
  • No licensing costs
  • Avoid constant upgrades
  • Single package – No Flash Player, no Windows, no graphics cards, no third-party software.
  • Buttery smooth display transitions

Other Content:

Primary passenger information is obviously the priority but the potential to show additional content in a variety of format is essential to the travelling public. These include:

  • Special information
  • Information at times of disruption
  • Onward travel options
  • Planned engineering works
  • Security alerts
  • RSS Feeds for news, weather, etc.
  • Marketing and advertising material


Standard protocols:

tsPlayer uses Infotec’s standard open source TDP protocol to interface to the displays. TDP is a data only protocol that contains service information without the need for verbose data structures and complex presentation rules which are handled separately by scripts running of the Tetrus display controller. By keeping the data levels down, Infotec displays can use a wider variety of communications channels including 2G/GPRS, 3G, 4G, Radio, WiFi, RS485 and Ethernet. This ability means that there is little loss of functionality even on very low bandwidth connections.

TDP even allows for the transfer of files over low bandwidth and multi drop (daisy chains) comms interfaces.

Bespoke Protocols:

If the TDP protocol doesn’t suit your needs, you can add your own. Our tsPlayer software allows you to do this with the minimum of effort or complexity. Your script can intercept any or all of the communications channels into the Tetrus controller. Your protocols can even run in parallel with TDP if required.

By separating the data from the script, Infotec ensures the presentation of the data is controlled in a uniform and professional manner