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On-vehicle displays for North America

Shipment is underway of an order placed with Infotec Ltd. by Trak Com Wireless Inc. for on-vehicle displays to be used on the recently opened light rail system serving JFK Airport in New York, USA.

On-vehicle displays for North America

Award-winning Infotec has developed the on-board passenger information displays (PIDs) specifically for AirTrain JFK – an advanced rapid transit system operating on an 8.1 mile guideway.  AirTrain connects the eight JFK Airport terminals to the Long Island Rail Road at Jamaica station, and to the Howard Beach subway station.

The displays are predominantly P1505 full matrix LEDs, mounted above the doors to show details of the next stop. The P1505, designed for use in the on-board environment, can be programmed to meet the specific requirements of a project, but there is a generic configuration which fulfils most applications.

Whilst the P1505 utilises standard Infotec controllers and LED drive system, it has been designed and tested to meet on board standard EN50155.


A number of T3505 cut TFT displays have also been developed for this contract to show more detailed information about which airlines are operating from a particular stop. These graphical displays are mounted at the front of the carriages.


A second North American order, for a light rail transportation system in Vancouver, Canada, has also been placed with Infotec by Trak Com. Three types of LED displays are being engineered to fulfil this one; P1503 and P1504 full matrix LEDs and P1506 LED route maps.

The P1503 on-vehicle LED display is designed to be viewed externally and is mounted on the outside of the trams. The LED unit includes an appropriate DC power unit and control processor running standard TDP direct control protocol. The unit provides Ethernet or RS485 connections as standard.


The P1504 on-vehicle LED display is a smaller unit designed for use internally. As with the P1503, it includes an appropriate DC power unit and control processor running standard TDP interface.

The P1506 on-vehicle LED display is designed specifically for use internally as a simple ‘Route Map’ indicator. The display uses a printed graphical representation of the network and red and green LEDs to show where the vehicle is at a given time. The user can define which colour represents stations visited and which represents stations to be visited.


The P1503, P1504 and P1506 can each be adapted to meet particular design requirements and each has been type tested to meet EN50155:2007.

Infotec’s intimate knowledge of the technology required to guarantee communications and displays work reliably in a variety of challenging conditions ensure the company is well-equipped to design and manufacture on-vehicle displays.

Infotec Managing Director Tim Court says: “We are delighted to have been awarded the high-profile contracts in North America.

“Our experience of providing bespoke technical solutions to meet our customers’ needs gives us a head start in this sector. Infotec’s ability to integrate with and understand the needs of suppliers and software integrators is what makes us the right choice for on-vehicle PID solutions.

“The on-vehicle displays have met the specifications for shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity and vandalism and are the ideal choice when it comes to meeting the challenges of this specialist market.”

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Continued ISO 9001 success

A comprehensive day-long audit has seen Infotec retain the important international ISO 9001 standard that it has held since 2007.

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Top quality team

Infotec's quality audit team has successfully conducted several detailed internal audits to ensure we continue to meet customer needs and maintain high standards.

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Infotec creates Elizabeth line passenger information displays

Infotec has designed and manufactured displays for the Elizabeth line including ones with new controller electronics that show different content from a single incoming interface.


Positive reactions to training

A CIS maintenance training course for delegates from Network Rail in Scotland has generated postive feedback.

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Environmental audit success

Infotec is committed to high standards of environmental compliance from design through to end of life disposal and a recent audit has verified its success.